Should work be fun?

Fun (noun) Enjoyment, amusement, light-hearted pleasure.

There are a couple of jobs that really stand out in my career and my over riding recollection is that they were fun!

Now, be honest, how many of you automatically said to yourselves ‘you can’t have been working very hard if it was fun’? More often than not ‘work’ and ‘fun’ are seen as exclusive. And fun is certainly not something you do when you’re under pressure to resolve a problem or have a deadline to meet.image

I can assure you I worked very hard. Part of a well respected team and successful company I thought nothing of regularly working 10  – 12 hour days. My job was varied, stimulating and very challenging; I was given complete autonomy, and responsibility, for some significant projects that took me right out  of my comfort zone. I learn’t loads. I worked with a great team of people and had a very supportive and encouraging manager. I did it because I enjoyed it. I was engaged.

It’s been recognised for a long time that having fun makes you a more efficient learner. (A principle effectively employed in playgroups and nursery schools but less prevalent as you progress through school to more ‘serious’ qualification focused learning). Research shows that when you enjoy what you are doing it stimulates learning and long term memory. When you are bored you are not having fun and you are not learning!

Fun helps create passion and energy and that’s what drives and motivates most of us to get things done.  We are more productive, effective and creative when we enjoy ourselves.

Having fun is an effective way to relieve stress, it enhances communication, helps build   relationships and a common identity.

Fun and engagement are inextricably linked with learning and performance.

As we approach the New Year perhaps now is a good time to ask yourself the following two questions

  1. are your employees having fun?
  2. how much more effective would your people and your organisation be if they were?

If you would like to see more fun and better results in your workplace then get in touch with we’d love to talk to you.


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