1. The 2013 Manpower Group Survey identified that 35% of Employers in the UK have difficulty filling jobs.
  2. IT roles are one of the Top 10 hardest to fill jobs
  3. 90% of respondents in the 2013 Tech City Futures Report said that people with coding/programming skills are difficult to find.

Skills shortages impact on customer service and satisfaction as well as productivity, your ability to be competitive, levels of  innovation and employee turnover. Off shoring is not a feasible alternative due to increasing costs and similar talent shortages – businesses need to adopt different strategies for attracting and retaining the talented people they need.

People Essentials help organisations do just that.

First we help you identify how people feel about working in and with your business. Then we help you use that information to create the working environment and conditions that attract, engage and retain people in your business – employees, contractors, customers, suppliers and more. Research proves happy and engaged employees create loyal customers and that drives revenue and profits.

Our ‘Standard’ and bespoke Employee and Customer Surveys help you build a comprehensive profile of your organisation so you can:

  • increase sales
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • maximise profits
  • attract (and keep) the best people
  • reduce absenteeism

These powerful and affordable tools help organisations become better places to work in and better organisations to work with.

 Use our surveys to build an employer brand that attracts, engages & retains talented employees.


Michelle 01635 728 728



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