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Stop employing Managers

Times have changed. The way we work has moved on. I think the role of Manager has had its day.

Unfortunately not many organisations have moved with the times. They’re offering new products and using new technology but  still servicing customers using the same old rules and tired, bureaucratic ways of working.  I don’t believe they can keep up with customer demands by working that way.leader_postit

New technologies have influenced what we do and the way we do it – organisations are offering a huge variety of products and service in ways we wouldn’t have thought of  just 10 years ago. Our customers see the convenience and efficiency of new technology as just the norm and are demanding even more. No longer satisfied with ‘average’ service;  they want more than just their query answered; they want choice, they want personal service.

In order to satisfy your customers I believe you have to focus on your employees. In my opinion they are in the best position to give your customers what they really want.

Stop controlling employees with overly complex and detailed rules. Instead give them the autonomy and responsibility to make decisions resolve problems and complaints themselves. Give them the tools, information and freedom to make decisions.

Stop telling employees what to do.  They are the ones doing the job so make use of the knowledge and relationships they have built up. They know how stuff actually works. They can tell you what works well and what’s getting in the way. You just have to ask. Your customers already (probably) tell them what they really think. Enable your people to use their knowledge and skill and you should see them, and your business grow.

Stop employing Managers to control things. Organisations need Leaders who focus on people. But you don’t just need leaders at the ‘top’ of a company. Everyone should be a leader.  Because Leaders motivate and inspire their people and encourage them to engage. And when employees are engaged they will motivate, inspire and engage your customers.

How many Leaders do you employ?

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Five simple actions to attract and retain Techies

knee jerk employee engagement

If you work in the IT sector then you already know supply of IT skills isn’t keeping up with demand.

It’s a competitive market and your employees know it. The 2014 Tech Industry Survey suggested that one third of technical employees are job hunting and 80% are keeping an eye on what’s going on.

(Because the internet is fundamental to how a lot of us manage our businesses and service our customers this could be a concern for more of us than we think).

The typical reaction to employee resignations (if you want to retain them) is to offer more money.  But while pay may be a method for attracting new staff it’s only a short term fix (even if you were paying them peanuts) for existing employees.

Job satisfaction and engagement is what keeps IT people happy, loyal and productive.

Ask them what they want.

Yeah I know you asked them in their last appraisal but they didn’t say anything much.  In a fast moving sector like this employees interests, needs and requirements can change just as quickly. You’ve got to keep on top of things and that means more regular conversation. Besides would a conversation once every six or twelve months convince you that someone was really interested in what you had to say?

Listen to what they say.

Listening isn’t just about nodding your head every now and then – people only believe they are being heard when they can see their feedback has had some kind of impact. I’m not suggesting you commit to anything elaborate. Focus on one or two little things you can do and are visible (almost) straight away.

Let them get on with it.  

Techies want interesting and challenging work to do. That doesn’t automatically mean using the latest technologies or working on the biggest/most important customer project. Make things interesting by giving them control over what they do. Give them the autonomy to make decisions and be creative.

Don’t compromise

There’s no doubting the positive effects of working with people you like. But for techies it’s more than that. They want to be in an environment where they can learn and develop. That means working with talented people who they can trust and respect. So don’t accept second best.

Stay friends

There are two reasons to stay in touch and on good terms with your leavers. First it’s a small world, especially when you use social media, and word gets round. Second you may not be able to offer that leaver the opportunity they want now but you might do in the future…

What are your engagement tips for techies?

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It ain’t what you do its the way that you do it

…and that’s what gets results (courtesy of  Ella Fitzgerald or Bananarama depending on your musical tastes)

These words have been popping up all over the place recently – it started with the (excellent) video on the website, then  the unfortunate playlist of a local radio station and more recently at a conference.

I couldn’t find the origins of this saying (other than song lyrics) but if you know different please let me know. I did however discover the origins of a few others in my search.

image‘Always a bridesmaid and never the bride’. That was apparently the result of an advert for mouthwash in the 1920’s!

Then I found two theories for the term ‘being on a good footing’. One is related simply to the size of your feet . The bigger your feet the greater your status. Interesting!

The other theory is that it goes back to trade apprentices; after their first day at work the apprentice had to invite their workmates for a drink. Of course they had to ‘foot’ the bill and it was said the more generous they were the ‘better footing’ they achieved with their new workmates!

These days it usually takes more than a beer to establish yourself at work. The relationship between Employer and Employee is more balanced too with the result that we are more selective about our jobs, the people we work with and the places we work.

Research shows that we don’t choose our employers for just one reason. It’s not just about the money (or the beer). People, and especially the best people, even in this climate, have a variety of criteria and need to be persuaded that as an Employer you will meet their needs and wants.

At 3Ease we believe it’s SMEs not large companies who can offer the best candidates what they want;

  1. Interesting work – with less bureaucracy and more flexibility there’s more opportunity in an SME to take responsibility for a wider range of tasks and practice a variety of experiences and skills.
  2. To get involved – in a smaller environment ideas and feedback are easier to share so its easier to join in and feel you are making a real contribution to the business.
  3. To feel that their job is important – it’s easier to make a difference when you can see where your job fits in, watch your ideas being implemented and follow projects through from start to finish. That helps build pride too.
  4. Believe that their Employer cares about them – working in an SME means everyone is more visible enabling people to build more individual and stronger working relationships.
  5. By their nature SME’s tend to be more innovative, responsive and flexible – and in our experience that results in a better work life balance too.

Not every workplace is the same but SMEs have a natural advantage when it comes to delivering the right results for their people and their customers.

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